Viola pomposa | Violoncello piccolo

Masterpieces: IESTA Luthier

Every model will be manufactured individually at customer’s special option. The entire or separated back is made of Bosnian maple, the top is Austrian spruce. Auburn oil varnish on warm background.

Viola pomposa

IESTA Luthier
Johann Christian Hoffmann (1741)
body length in mm: 455


Violoncello piccolo

IESTA Luthier
"Brothers Amati" (1615)

body length in mm: 700

IESTA Luthier
Johann Christian Hoffmann (1741)
body length in mm: 680


Master Jaap Ter Linden used the cello piccolo made by iesta to play the Bach cello suite in th  Beijing concert hall, 2019







Viols with head

X.O. painting
on all Celano models
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CARBONcase for bass viol

white & black



Bass machine French model 


Bass machine head
French model
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Carbon bows

Pernambuco veneered
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Violoncello endpin
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